Monday, January 5, 2009

My Crazy adrenaline junkie...Kasey

My Kasey loves to snowboard...He waits and prays for snow all year long. Now I think I understand why...but after seeing these pictures he sent me, I wish I didn't?
I'm thinking ignorance is bliss :(

Pretty amazing Son...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 and Counting...Where does the time fly?

Well it's Officially 2009 isn't it. Not sure what to think about that. 2008 was a year of definite highs and lows so I'm not too sure what to expect of 2009. I think I'm hoping for stability for sure but upon reflection I guess what I'm really looking for is Peace of heart, continually growing faith and the always needed Hope. What have you got if you don't at least have some hope. Despair and Depression is what I'm thinking. So aside from the obvious "get back in to shape" goals and "eating healthier" lies, I think I'll just seek some faith, hope and peace. Those just might be the most important muscles to strengthen in my feeble attempts to work them out.

OK enough reflection....{I'm only good for a few moments of deep thought at one given time}

Above we see Meagan's Pretty Baby...We think we'll call her Ruby :)

We played games on New Years Eve cause that's the kind of party animals we are...that's how we roll if you know what I mean. And the little pictionary guy was the staring attraction. you draw on him instead of paper...It was fun
Wayne is deep in the story mode but we ate tons of good food and actually managed to stay up until midnight...Not bad for old folks
Here is Annabelle playing in my purse...Sorry baby, Kasey already cleaned me out...

Happy New Year Everybody!!!