Saturday, February 27, 2010

Courtney's new house and helpers

So Courtney and Tyler bought a home in December and we have slowly been bringing order from chaos. It's a cute fixer upper that when it's done will be stunning. It has three bedrooms, wood floors, good size dining room and a great backyard. Their little rat by the name of Tobin, (dog) loves his new digs. Courtney is hosting a baby shower for a friend today so last night Meagan, Callin and myself went to their house to help organize things a bit more. Easier said than done when your house is under construction :) So since Tyler has recently had back surgery and can't lift yet...he ordered us dinner and played some video games... :)
Here we have Meagan watching Courtney work...she did sweep! I was taking pictures of Meagan watching Courtney work...worked out nice for Meg and I
This is a picture of the dining room. Callin had just hung the curtains for the back sliding glass doors. We took a lot of equipment and tools out of the room and it looked so much bigger!
Here is Courtney working while Meg and I are watching. The former owners covered all these wood floors with carpet so she's taking up the tack strip. Why cover wood floors?

Below we have Meagan and Callin hanging the curtains . I have to say that Callin is a pretty handy guy to have around. I think Tyler is officially in love with him :)

I love that my girls both have homes to settle into. It's been fun helping them come up with ideas for their homes and make curtains and pillows and paint.
Oh and Thanks for the T.V Tyler!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Pictures...

I saw this table in a magazine and loved it. I think I can do this to my end tables in the living room. Don't you love it!! I just don't want it to be too silver if you know what I mean, more of a tarnished I'm thinking how to accomplish this...any ideas?
So this is a quilt I'm working on for Nicki who is having a baby boy in May...Not done but should be soon. I know her colors are tan and brown but I felt the need to spice things up a bit and went with green and brown and orange. You can't see it but the prints are so cute. I had fun picking out the fabrics :) It is mostly about me you know...
And these are the flowers I got for Valentines Day this year. I love the orange color and think they look really good in my dining room. Guess once these die I'll have to get some silk ones to throw in the vase...

Fun Times in the ER...

So guess where we were this morning? yup the local ER. Blaine has been having acid reflux issues off and on for quite a while now and it all came to a head this morning. He drove himself to the ER and because I work at the hospital I met him there. He was in so much pain...almost delirious with pain. Did I mention that he is not a nice patient? When the nurse wanted him to put the gown on and lay down so she could put in the IV, he started yelling at her and told her "this is ridiculous"!I could put an IV in someone standing on my head if I had to". I didn't know what to say to this I just smiled at the nurse and said he wasn't usually like this :) Anyway the Dr. looked at him and thought it was his acid reflux and gave him some pain meds and a reflux medication. He's been pretty loopy today but at least he's been nicer :)