Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Events and Happenings....

So there are always a lot of things going on in May for our family. I forget to take pictures of most of them but I did manage a few pics here and there. Here we have Chase above with a lit cupcake in his hand (watch out for your curly locks Callin). We had a dinner for he and his Grandma Thayn who also has a May birthday.
Can you all believe that this cute baby is the afore mentioned 22 year old man?
Here we have Granny Thayn blowing out her cake...No idea how many candles there should have been on that cake...not asking...
Then there was Mother's day and the girls wanted to do pedicures. That of course is Meagan and you can also see Coco's toes...I love pedi's!
And so does Coco. Can't you tell by the look on her face?
Then Meagan, Callin and Coco took me my PF Changs for dinner. Oh man... I'm still drooling over the honey shrimp with honeydew and candied walnuts. Sooooo Goood
Courtney is giving the thumbs up because she got her vegetarian lettuce wraps for free. The first dish they brought her were chicken, so we ate those "on the house" and they brought out new ones for her "on the house.... We love that house!
I'd forgotten how good PF's was...going again soon..
The very next night Blaine took me to Red Robin and Robin Hood the movie. (is there a theme here). I do love dinner and a movie, one of my favorite activities... then the kids made me two cakes...(I don't think they talked to each other :)
Did I mention that Tyler had a birthday in there also. Did I mention that the masked man is Tyler. Coco is feeding him cake in the mask....don't ask....

We took the boys to Ironman 2 for their birthday' all in all it's been a lot of birthday's, mother's day's... movies and eating....All the things I like to do the most :)

Thank You Family for being so supercalifrigginawesome!