Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wedding Days...

Well here we wedding.  Interesting place to be...much relieved, happy and much relieved :)  Several of my family members could not be there for a variety of reasons so this post is mostly for them.   We had carmel apples at the reception and my sister in law Nancy volunteered to do the apples.  She is an apple wizard!  I came over to do any grunt work I could to make it easier on her but she had me dipping and drying and stirring right along side.  I think I could actually make them by myself if I ever wanted to...(not sure I would want to cause it was a long process) but they turned out soooo good.  I've never eaten so much caramel in one sitting.
My feet were so tired that day from hours of apple making that when Meagan suggested getting a pedi I jumped at the chance.  She needed cute toes and nail for the pictures.
So here we are on the actual wedding day.  We are waiting for Blaine to gas up the truck and it's getting  pretty close to the wire.  We were a little worried.
Here are the girls outside of the temple.
I don't know...I just don't know what to say about this picture but he kept doing the same thing over and over so I just went with it.
Girls in the truck on the way to the temple.
And they come, legally Man and Wife...  First part of the day is done. Now on to the rest...
Just a few snapshots of the reception.  We had a wonderful dinner right after the temple and then had 1 hour to get ready for the reception.  whew...we were still lighting candles when the first guests arrived, but we got er done!  Here is a picture of the apple...which were the hit of the night by the way!
The flower arrangements on the tables.  We loved the way they turned out...looked like snowballs for our winter wonderland theme.
Apothecary jars with candy.
And the baddest boys in town....along with their mother.

There are more pictures to come.  These are just a few I took with my iphone.  But it really was a great day.  The ceremony was wonderful.  We had a great turnout at the reception/mission reunion :)  And I can't wait to see the real pictures.  I need to thank Nancy, Julie, Afton and Jenny/Syd  for helping so much before, during and after the reception.  I don't think I could have asked for a better day for Meagan and Callin.