Monday, July 12, 2010

The Vintage Barn sale/ Roadtrip...

Last weekend my friend Julie and I set out for a needed company and I came along to help drive... Destination, Coeur D' Alene Idaho. Ok who knew that this part of the country was so beautiful? Everyone but me I guess cause it's quite the tourist destination. 10 1/2 hours of driving but the drive through Montana and Northern Idaho was fantastic. I want to live there ....Seriously

Anyways...The reason for going to Coeur D' Alene was to go to an Antique show called "The Vintage Barn" I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was very fun...Great Stuff...very vintage and handmade, rustic...come up with an adjective and it was at the show.... Inspiring...I feel the need to get back to my sewing and be creative again...
Here we are in front of "Pinky" getting our picture taken...Our picture is supposed to make her blog...sooo i guess that makes us famous
Oh and I thought I should re-introduce you to my teenage daughter Courtney...she's now my youngest child :)