Monday, June 30, 2008

Blaine's newest obsession/itch....has been satisfied/scratched

Blaine had gotten the idea in his head that having a trailer, of some kind, would be best thing ever...He's been looking on for months....thinking, planning, trying to find the best one ever for the least amount on $$. So just when his fever had reached it's peak....he comes home with this. Now is this the best one ever? Who knows, but it's ours now. I guess this makes me a camper? :|

(straight out of the 90's wouldn't you say)?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blaine's 47th Birthday in Jackson Hole

So it was Blaine's 47th birthday this weekend and to make him feel better about being in his late 40's we decided to go to Jackson Hole. He grew up in Jackson so it's home to him. We had a great time and I'll just share the highlights...

I wanted to see three things while there. A Bison, a Grizzly and a Moose...guess what...I got that and more. You see the moose above in the water here, she had two babies on land. Can you see them?
Here if you look very'll see a brown lump to the right of the tree. That was the Grizzly. Blaine wouldn't go up and surprise him so I could get a better shot. Bummer :(
Here we were at Old Faithful...Cooler than I expected.
Here is Blaine wrestling a bison. So manly..
I'm pointing to a sign that said Jackson Hole Pendleton. Now some of you know
that I grew up in P-town and Blaine grew up in cool is that? Two
worlds colliding.
Beautiful Tetons...So pretty
So here we are at the antler arches in the Square. The heart of Jackson so to speak. Wayne and Nancy were with us for part of the trip as it is also Wayne's b-day just 5 years younger.
We stayed at a cute little cabin that was pretty OK and very affordable. It's called the Kudar Motel (or something close) and they were great to us. We were glad we stayed there. Great location to town.
Then Wayne made us go to not the state but the play. But the play was as long as the drive to Oklahoma would have been :) (kidding kind of) They sang happy birthday to the boys but our pictures weren't that great cause you can't see Wayne.
Here was Blaine's b-day cake at the silver dollar bar. We all went there after the play to get some food and happened upon a great band. Really enjoyed the live music...(better than the play;)
Then to our surprise...we ran into Bigfoot while shopping. Can you believe he was looking for t-shirts too? Very nice guy...but hard t fit.

This clip is our pride and joy. After we had seen Old faithful we happened upon this big boy right on the side of the road. Made for great footage and the granting of my wishes to see the three main animals in the park. Fun trip and so great to get away. Loved it all!
Happy Birthday Babe...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Nico's blessing and a shout out to Meagan

So Today was Nicolas's baby blessing with friends and family all gathered to celebrate. Sam and Gaston are holding baby Nico, Blaine, Tyler and Coco are hamming it up for the camera, Grandpa Lynn, Blaine and Kasey are small, medium and tall...and then there are the video clips which speak for themselves. Just a few family members that were there for Nico and wanted to say hi to Meagan. I have to say that I personally feel very blessed in the familial area...I love Blaine's family as much as I love my great is that?!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to the grind...

Well my plans of taking the summer off have faded into the distance.
I made the fatal error of applying for a job at the local hospital because
I thought it may take awhile to actually get another job. But thankfully
(much to my dismay) I got the first job I applied for.
So for the next 4 weeks I have no life, then I'll be part-time
once, love, love part-time!

This pic has nothing to do with my job, but I don't
take very many pics if I can help it, so this is all I had...
We were dropping our missionary off at the MTC. 5 months
and counting...(sorry Meg but it's true)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

This alert young man is the father of my children...and a good father at that. Being that it's father's day, he was left alone long enough to take a little nap right after a delicious dinner was served until...
we thought he had slept long enough. The only child missing of course is our own missionary but we're thinking of her as we take the picture. I think the kids would agree that in spite of his little quirks (several, but don't we all) that he's a pretty nice dad and he loves his kids!
Speaking of Dad's this one is the best father I have;) We lovingly refer to him as fatcat and I can confidently speak on behalf all of my siblings when I say he's the best Dad and we love him. Thanks for beating the odds Dad and being such a great family man. We love you!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How many do you see?

How cute are these babies and how many do you want? Actually I'm getting to the point where I look forward to them going to a loving home. They are so naughty sometimes :)

Do you see the pure black one in the middle?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Omaha or Oz

Just look at what the tornado's did to Sister Henson's apartment! (kidding) While they have been on several tornado watches this week, all is well in Omaha. The missionaries and members are safe at this time. Keep praying for our brothers and sisters in the midwest!
Here is a bit of Meagan's letter to me.

"I attribute our safety to the red shoes you sent me mom. Someone teased me about being Dorothy, but they sure came in handy".

And I just thought they were cute...:)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Snuggle Bunny Belle...

A quick testimonial from Annabelle's Mom. Julie called me at 10:00 last night just to tell me how much she loved her sling. The baby was a little fussy so she put her in the sling and Annabelle snuggled into a 3 hour nap. Good for baby and great for mom!

So I've been experimenting with baby slings because they are the latest thing and they're expensive to buy. My daughter found a pattern from and the web site gave step by step instructions. This fleece sling you see is one of my favorite because it's so soft and snuggly. When I put my niece into it and she immediately fell asleep and stayed that way for a good two hours. I think she liked it as well!

This is me taking a bad picture as usual but happy about my finished product. I'm going to make a few more to have on hand for baby showers etc.

Just a note: they sell for about $50 and I made this one for under $10

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My babies

Look how big my kitties have gotten. They will be
4 weeks old this Sunday and they are getting so cute
and naughty. They keep escaping from their little
pen and we've had to re-enforce it with a table leaf..:)
Too cute, I'm tempted to keep one of them but we'll
see what can still see a few random shoes in the closet.
They now serve a greater purpose of a climbing hill for the babies :)
I knew there was a reason I had so many pairs!