Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring on 2010!!

I have to say I did not love 2009 or at least that is my gut reaction when I look back on this year.  It was just a difficult year in general. And the things I wanted to come about, just didn't.

But...and you know there has to be a but...If I look back at this year with different eyes...spiritual eyes, this has been a year of amazing blessings for our family.  How remiss I would be if I didn't recognize and acknowledge that fact
I'm still hoping for better things in 2o1o but have to look back at 09 with bittersweet memories... and I'm grateful for each one of them.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...One and All!

We hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas 2009 and look forward with faith to 2010.  

Seems as though I've been posting a lot of pictures the last few posts but with everything going on like showers, receptions, trips, Christmas and what not, pictures say it best.  So here we go.
Elaine and Gael stopped by with presents and good cheer.

Elaine did these paintings for us.  The colors are perfect for our house and we hung them in the entry way..I love them.
She also did this picture for Blaine.  Do you recognize this lil sneak...yes it's Coupe wanting those Oreo's.  This was an actual picture of her that Blaine took when he was eating cookies and not sharing like she wanted.  Cute

Coco just got a new Coco machine for Christmas.  We made good Hot Chocolate with that..

here we have Kasey above wearing his new shirt and new snowboard pants and new beanie.  He looks intelligent here doesn't he?
Here is Kasey doing the dinner dishes...Looks like the other boys escaped quickly.
Coco eating her breakfast.
And here wearing her new scarf.
Chase and Kasey waiting for the next present...
Here we have Blaine putting together his present from Tyler and Courtney.  A New Vacuum!!
They gave it to him/us and said he had to do all the vacuuming from now on.  Wow, I think that was a present for me!
And finally, Chase showing his new video game... So we all had a very good Christmas and hope you all did too remembering the greatest gift of all.  Our Savior

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My first International Trip!

Well, I've had my passport for quite awhile now and have not had an opportunity to use it until our trip to Canada.  Not exactly the international trip I had been imagining....but I'll take what I can get.  The above picture is of the border crossing into Canada.  There was a lot of worry and speculation as to whether we'd get searched etc.  But all in all it was pretty uneventful.  They asked us why in the world we'd cross into Canada at this time of year....just kidding.
We are making sure Blaine has his passport and he did.  (because I kept it)
This is a picture of a very cool hotel in a town called Banff.  It was huge and sort of mid-evil looking.  I imagine it was beautiful inside cause it was beautiful outside.  Picture does not do it justice.
This is the main street of Banff.  Reminded me a lot of Park City.  There are several Ski resorts around this area and lots of tourist shops.  Was kind of fun and kind of cold!
The surrounding mountains were beautiful.  They are part of the Rockies but reminded me of the Yosemite Mountains because they were just so big.
We stopped and had lunch at this little pub/restaurant and we were trying to take pictures for Courtney since she couldn't come.  (couldn't find her passport)  I know...lame right?  I guess I didn't know what to do with my hands here.
Couldn't resist taking a picture with this Canadian Moose.
Here we have the bride and groom giving Courtney the signal that they were thinking of her...It was pre-arranged signal...the peace sign.

So this was the my first trip out of the country.  I have to say I was a little relieved to cross back into the states.  Not sure why, but at least my cash was worth something is the good ole USA.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Canada's Calling Reception..

Well we have survived one pre-wedding reception with one post-wedding reception to go.  Meagan and Callin had their Canada reception on December 19th.  Yes yes...they are not married yet, and in fact won't be married until January 2nd.  But Callin can't cross the border after they get married until his visa status is changed so...if you marry an alien i.e. Canadian, you have a pre-wedding reception. ( jk on the alien part)  

So just a brief run down on what it was like.  First off, there was a lot more snow up there and Meagan had to wear her boots to the reception.  
Here we have Dad to the rescue...fixing Meagan's bracelet
The lake that surrounds the clubhouse is frozen and here you see kids playing hockey on the lake.  
The outside of the beach house.  Just about every pine tree on the property was lit up.  Very pretty.
This is an ice skating rink with a bon fire in the middle of it.  I wanted Meagan and Callin to get pictures out there, but that idea was nixed for some reason. ;)
They served Cinnamon Buns (not rolls) and Hot Chocolate.
Just another view of the room.
Here we have the Laytons.  Sheila, Granny T, Callin, Meagan and Blaire.  Callins parents and Granny.  
No Pictures of Blaine and I yet because I was taking pics rather than being in them.
Thanks to the Laytons for making it such a wonderful Night for Meagan and Callin.
Funny thing is that after all this...They're still not married...ha   Soon...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am humbled by the blessings that come from above.  Never imagined them coming in the form they have, and honestly , wouldn't have asked for it in the way they transpired...but humbled just the same.   

It's much easier to be the giver than the receiver...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2nd Annual Henson, Thayn Christmas Party Report!!

Ok this picture has nothing to do with the Christmas Party, but it's so dang cute I had to post it.  Bambi and Thumper come to mind?
So this year the party theme was pajama party and breakfast for dinner.  We had great food thanks to Elaine and we were all cozy and comfy in our pj's and slippers :)  We bring a white elephant gift to exchange and as you can see from the picture above, these longhorn horns were the big hit of the night!  Much sought after...
Here are Mr. and Mrs. Clause  A.K.A  Elaine and Gael.  They were the coordinators of the party and thanks to them it was fun.
Meagan got her favorite gift of the season.....wait for it....a coloring book!!!
Coco and Tyler got a dryer vent set,  which they actually needed for their new house :)
Here they are again...
Brock picked a "Christmas Story" lamp.  It was a major award!  
Now you have to look close to the boys up top...this is carrying brotherly love too far!
And finally we have Amanda, Meagan and Callin in his footie pajamas.  

Fun was had by all and it's always good to see the family together again, because isn't that what Christmas it about....Gratitude for the birth of our Savior and the love of family?  I think it is...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Devotional

This year I was determined to have the Christmas Spirit in spite of no money...a wedding and a trip to Canada all at the same time.  While the wedding is a good thing I was worried that Christmas would be overshadowed with all the preparations.  So I was able to get tickets for the Christmas Devotional to help remember what this Season is really all about.
We walked through Temple Square to see the lights....beautiful as usual :)
Nativity on the water...
Blaine and I in the Conference Center.  Not supposed to take pics but I told the kids that I beat to my own drummer.  Yes I know...not a great lesson but they're grown ups for heavens sake.
It was beautiful and inspirational and has kicked of this Season with feelings of Gratitude for my Savior.   Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

One down and two to go...

Today we had a Bridal Shower for Meagan.  This one was for family and ward members etc.  Now keep in mind that this is one of three showers that is being thrown for Meagan.  With this one over she has a "Mission" Shower,  you know people from the mission etc. Then the ole high school gang is throwing her a shower...  (I may be get too embarassed to sit through that one, they have a tendency to give interesting gifts). :)    So just a quick run down of today...
The goodie table.
Steffany chugging OJ.  Yes it was just plain orange juice but Courtney bet her $20 that she couldn't do it.  And....she couldn't :)   
Meg opening some gifts.
Cousin Steff, Coco and cute Sydney, my friends daughter.  She seems like a niece to me.
Cousins Amanda and Emily with the Bride to be...
And last but not least :)  Cousin Afton who came from Bountiful.  There were many others who stopped by but I'm not the best photographer so this is just a smattering of the folks who came.

Thanks to everyone for coming and showing your love to Meagan.  A special shout out to Nancy for allowing us to use her home for the shower!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meagan and Callins Bridals and Groomal Pics..

Pictures by Rick Brimhall and Amy Bigelow....Beautiful