Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eat, Drink and sleep wedding ideas...

Have I mentioned that Meagan is getting married?  Yes I think I may have, but have I also mentioned that she is trying to buy and decorate a house at the same time?  The "goal" is to have her house ready to hold the bridal shower which is the first weekend of December....Not sure how that will go but if all the planets never know.  I could see Meagan was a little stressed trying to plan both events at once so I generously said  "meg, you concentrate on your house and I'll plan the reception".  I may regret that but at the same time it does get my creative juices flowing...into overtime.  Making decisions then getting approval then having to rethink the ideas. Well I could go on but I don't want to get into trouble.  The above pic is of an invitation I thought was cute for a winter theme.  We are using branches with crystals hanging off for some of the arrangements so the bare tree would be appropriate...but snowflakes are cute too.  Meagan gets final approval on that one.
 We've been looking online at some flower ideas ...which ones can I do myself to save money?  How much do I want to take on?   Do we want to be matchy matchy , eclectic elegant or rustic wonderland.  There are so many ways to go and so many great ideas out there....
How cute are these carnation arrangements!  Not to mention that carnations are one of the least expensive flowers.
And I think that the above arrangement is my favorite...Looks like a snowball which works with our winter wedding theme.

Which ones will we choose?  Well you'll just have to come to the reception to find out...cause we'll change our minds a few more times between now and January 2nd :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend with the Laytons

This weekend we had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful cabin nestled in the mountains of Utah.  We also had the opportunity to meet Meagan's future in-law's the Laytons. Above we have Kasey and Shaffer throwing snowballs at each other.  It snowed our second day there which was both beautiful and disturbing at the same time.
Here we have Sheila (mom)  Callin and Blair (dad) in the background.  We played a rousing game of Quiddler.  I didn't even cheat because Meagan warned me I had to be on my best behavior.  As a result..I didn't win:(
The cute kid in the stripes is brother Shaffer, Meg (early morning disclaimer) and again Blair in the background.
Meg and Coco striking a pose on the staircase of this beautiful place.
Callin just trying to stay out of the women's way.
And this is an outside shot of the house.  We ate, shopped at the Park City outlets...(Sheila won the award for best deal of the day) and really enjoyed getting to know them.  What a comfort to know that Meagan will be loved by her in-laws, And Callin seems to fit into our family effortlessly.    Nice :)

Special Thanks to the Newmans for the use of their cabin!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A return to blogging? maybe...random pics? yes

We all know it's been quiet a while since I've done any blogging.  No excuses...just didn't.  Well perhaps I'm on a roll again.  Perhaps I am just bored enough to post these pics.  Who knows what the future will bring but I thought I'd do a quick update as to what's been going on the last few months.  Quite a lot actually.   Above is a great pic of beautiful Lake Powell where we stayed a week this summer.  FUN!
Here is a picture I took at Sundance ski resort.  Blaine and I listened to conference while taking a drive up the canyon...Fall colors were so beautiful!
This pic is of us having dinner at a really good Italian Restaurant, with really bad live music.  See the singer in the background?
Kasey turned 16 this September and is here with his grandma trying to get her to take a picture. She never cooperates.
Meagan and Callin got engaged the day before Kasey's birthday.  They are getting married on January 2nd and we are emerced and overwhelmed with wedding plans.  All consuming..
This is just a cute pic of Coupe who is the nicest Dog ever!  
Courtney and I went to an Incubus concert this summer.  It was Excellent!  Had a great time...
The family went to Pendleton for the Rodeo again this fall.  We love to play cowboy/girl for a couple of days each year.  You see my brother Brant here and Coco and Tyler in the background.  We are watching a parade that consists of some horses and some more horses...
Cute little niece loving cute little Coupe at the park...    So this was part of our summer and moving into fall quickly.  I'll be busy with wedding planning...Halloween, Thanksgiving, a trip to Canada for a wedding reception (yes he's a Canook:) and Christmas.  Not to mention New Years and then a WEDDING...I'll try to keep you updated...Try