Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marko grandfather

My brother Mark recently went to Rock Springs WY for his work, and was determined to find my grandfathers grave stone. We've never known much about our grandparents on that side of the family because my father (fatcat) grew up for the most part in a catholic orphanage. His dad died at the age of 42 from working in the coal mines and his mother left the children to fend for themselves more or less, thus the orphanage. Anyway...It took my brother quite a bit of time and research to find Marco Medonich's grave stone and here it is. My brother Mark, is named after this grandfather and I appreciate his efforts to locate him...way to go Mark, you just did some family history gathering!

Too Many Birds? NEVER

I have a son...I'll call him Kasey so as not to embarrass him, who talks a lot. I've never had a child that talks as much as this particular child. Sometimes I have to ask him, very nicely, to stop talking. Just for awhile cause he is usually just trying to find and push my buttons when he talks. I love this kid...don't get me wrong, but is it normal for a boy to talk more than most girls I know. Anyway one day as he was observing some decorating changes I had made, he started counting how many bird I have used in my house. I have to admit I'm fond of the little feathered friends but he thinks I may have too many of them. He loves to point it out over and over :) So what do you think. I've taken pics of all of my little cuties and I think there are just enough. I do have to force myself to not purchase them when I see them...but I'm so tempted...
Can you find them in each picture?

No...your wrong again Kasey...I may need to pick up a few more birds to finish things off...:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post Easter Celebration Pics

Just a few pics of our Easter dinner and subsequent egg hunt for the kids. Most of the kids are too old to hunt eggs, so they hid them. But none of us are too old to eat the candy in the eggs!
Here are Terri's kids and Coco and Tyler
Here we have Julie who hosted the dinner and her daughter Emily
Here is Ethan who is one of the only kids in the group... running for eggs!
Someone hid eggs in a tree...
Coco in an artsy photo shot...actually just me surprising her
Boys at the boys table.
The adult table... It was a good day with good people...having fun together and remembering what Easter is really all about...I'm grateful for the Atonement...cause boy am I going to have to use it :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Sister from another Mother?

I never wished I was a twin...I liked being the youngest in the family. Being the youngest has many advantages. But according to several people... a week ...I am told that I look just like Rachel Griffiths. She's the girl above of course. She is an actress on a couple of shows I never watched. I personally don't see it but I get compared to her all the time. So what do you think? Do Rachel and I look alike...I would like to know once and for all so leave a comment and tell me the truth. Unless of course that truth will hurt... :)

Baby's first haircut...

So Kasey loves to have his hair long and "swoopy" i.e. flips his bangs around to the side. As you see the before shot you will automatically think that his hair is long and it's well past time for a haircut. In actuality it's pretty short compared to how he had it most of the winter. But he decided that it was time for another haircut so his loving sister took him to the salon...Above of course, is the before..

Here we see the actual cut in progress. I guess she had to cut it twice cause it wasn't short enough. hmmmm
And here we see the after....He still has the swoopy bangs and the long sides so I guess the only thing shorter is the back. I'll take what I can get. This is a battle I have chosen not to fight...for now :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Love Conference!

Kasey asked me yesterday if I really looked forward to conference or if I just liked not going to church twice a year. Well I have to admit they both appeal to me :) But my answer to him him was an honest YES...I love General Conference...I love hearing from all of the Brethren who speak but I especially love hearing from Pres. Monson, Pres. Uchtdorf and Pres. Eyring. (However... when I was Kasey's age I felt a little different)
What did you think the main topics of conference were? Everyone I asked said something different which was interesting. I guess it's what you needed to hear, you heard....make sense:?

So Meagan and her friend went to a Saturday Conf session and coming across the usual protesters, saw this poster which we thought was's hard to read but it says "Hi My name is Satan, I'm here to support my lovely little street protesters"... I guess there was supposed to be a big organized protest on temple square this session, but it all came to nothing. They had better things to do I guess. So yes Kasey...I genuinely love conference and being spirtually fed in my pajamas doesn't hurt ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Baseball Season!!

Wasn't sure if there would be another baseball season for Kasey...After playing in super leagues for so many years, he was a little burned out. But I was more than pleased when without pleading or bribing on my part, Kasey decided to play for the Provo High Freshman team. Games have just started and it's cold and rainy but I love it. He's playing 3rd and outfield and getting a lot of playing time. No zoom on my iphone camera (which I think was very short sighted on iphones part) but that's Kasey on 2nd. He'd just stolen the base. You can barely see the mountains in the's cold and wet...
Here is Kasey in the dugout trying to stay out of the rain...yes Mom..He's the one with the girl hair. We're working on that.... Yea Baseball