Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day to all you mother's!

This was my favorite part of mother's day... All my kids together with me at church. Now I realize I maybe should not be taking pics during Sacrament Meeting,'s for a good finally updating my blog?
I have great kids and they were very sweet to me on this one day of the year :) Blaine made me breakfast...lucky for him I just felt like cereal...I got a pedicure, choc covered strawberries, some white bowls I picked out with Coco and dinner brought to me. All in all a great Day!
Thanks guys Oh and by the by...I love my mommy too!

Happy Birthday's!

You can consider this a combo blog today. My Birthday is May 16th. It's also Rod's, Tyler's, Devin's, Chase's,Elaine's Belle's and Nico's birthday's this month.
So we had a combined birthday party for all of the may birthdays. Good food, good company makes for a good time. I was a little lame in the photo area but at least I have pics of the important people :) jk
Happy Birthday to us!!