Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blessings vs Gratitude...

Have you noticed how everyone always talks about how "blessed" they are. "oh I'm so blessed" or "yes we're blessed to have (fill in blank). It seems to be the popular thing to say but comes off as boastful? We hear this among the rich and famous. but I also hear it from regular people like you and me. Yes it's true...they are blessed, but aren't we all? I'm not rich and famous but I realize and acknowledge the blessings in my life. Count your many blessings name them one by one and all that.

But where does gratitude come in for those blessings? Why not say "I'm so grateful for my home and career, talent, children etc, or " I feel so much gratitude to God for (again fill in the blanks)
That sounds so much more humble doesn't it? Gratitude is the acknowledgement that everything we have, everything that means anything to us, comes from above.
So please...for my sake, stop bragging I mean telling everyone how blessed your are, and start telling everyone how grateful you are. We'll start a new trend!! I'd be ever so grateful :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holiday Pics of the Fam...

So I decided to go to Oregon for Memorial Weekend to see the Folks and to get away for awhile, but wasn't really looking forward to driving the 8 hours by myself. I asked my girls to go with me...Coco had other obligations so Meagan decided to go and she invited her husband, Callin, which was great cause " I DIDN'T HAVE TO DRIVE"!! No not even for a moment. In fact I slept all the way there and pretty much all the way home. Niiiicccceeeee.

My brother Mark and cute nephew Matthew came up from Arizona and we also got to see Kerri and Gary. (above pic...sorry about the profile pic sis but it was all I had :)
Here we have Matthew intently listening to all of Grandpa's words of wisdom....wait...maybe he's just wondering what in the world dad is saying.
The first day Mark came he ran out to buy Mom and Dad a flat screen, wall mounted TV. This pic is Mark and Callin trying to figure out how to mount the TV on the wall...luckily for Mark, Callin has put a couple of these up already...Pretty slick system...Can you believe I didn't get a pic of the TV? (i have issues with remembering)
Do you see how excited Tami is for the TV? She can barely wait to take over the remote.
Notice the lamps and pics above the couch? Mom Tami and I went to a new boutique in town and she fell in love. ( I have already called dibbs on the lamps) just putting it out there....
And a sneak photo of Fat Cat....He's the reason for the holiday weekend...Thanks for serving this great county Dad! It was a good weekend with lots of family ...which I am rather fond of :)