Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Driving, Shopping and Painting...

That's what I did this weekend...Driving, (well riding really) in the backseat of my niece's car with a book and a Oregon. Was a pretty nice way to go actually. Anytime you want me to ride in your back seat Afton and Michael, you just let me know :) So just some random pics to highlight my time with the folks.

Above you see Dad watching New Moon with Mom and I :) He loved it!!
Here we have Mom sporting her cool shades. She claims the light bothers her eyes but I think she's just trying to boost her image.
Mom and Dad watching New Moon. He wakes every 5 or 10 minutes :)
Whenever I go home I ask Mom if there is anything I can do while I'm there. This go round she wanted me to paint a stove she had gotten from a rusty white to this almond color. It was a messy job but she liked the result so she was happy. And a shout out to WD 40. We used it to clean the stainless steel and it worked great! So the above pic is the finished oven.
Here we have me using WD for the finishing touches.
Here is Afton using divot (dog) as an excuse to not help with the oven...jk
The oven in process...spray painting in the house is never a good idea by the way :( Lot's of clean up...
Saturday was a girls day out. Shopping all day long. Here we have Afton and Tami at the restaurant where we are trying to replenish ourselves for another go round of shops.
Sister Kerri telling mother some important the look of it.

We had a very successful shopping day and I did not spend a dime :) I did however dress Kerri, Tami and Afton, which I find as satisfying as buying stuff for myself...(almost:)

Good Weekend...feeling rejuvinated


Brown Family said...

Kerri's wearing the watch I made her! I'm so shocked (thought those watches would get tossed to the back of her jewelry box and never be looked at again)

Jodi said...

Nooo. She brags about you all the time and your many talents. And I think she kind of likes that little guy of yours....tyrell's ok too :)

Brown Family said...

Well we better not let her find out that you leaked the secret that she says nice things about me...may never happen again.

Courtney J said...

My favorite is the boot that grandma is drinking out of.

Jodi said...

ha ha I know and they love the boot...they had a boot full and the silver cup and do you think they would share with me? NOOoo