Thursday, August 5, 2010

I do love me some good Signage...

i love garage sales. The girls and I will get up early, grab some Micky D's and head off to find good "signage" you know... The ones that easily lead you to the desired yard sale.

I had a goal in mind...I wanted a chair that I could recover all by myself. The idea is to start small and gain enough confidence to one day tackle my chairs in the living room. So here we have the first victim..I didn't get a good before pic but you get the idea below. It was a cute retro orange chair for $2...yes $2! I thought it had cute lines and it was MINE!

You'll notice the padding in the next two pictures...When I took the fabric off the padding just fell apart..into dust actually...gross

so I vacuumed it up and had to replace the padding and used batting on top of that. worked out pretty good.
A little fabric and some spray paint and Ta Daaa...a cute slightly updated bedroom chair for my friend's daughter. She is decorating her bedroom in black, white and green...Cute no?
Side View
And again...
Meet Betsy!!! Betsy was my surprise find at a garage sale in Orem. She is a 1958 Singer industrial machine that will sew heavy fabrics and even leather. That way I don't have to ruin my good machine cause betsy is one tough ole bird. Did I mention she was only $20 and I found some on ebay for $178...Nice
Here is my next project...Two of these for Coco and 4 others for Meagan....hmmmmm what have I gotten myself into?


Michael and Afton said...

Did you say that chair was for your fav niece in Oregon? Can't wait for my house warming gift:)

Anonymous said...

Jo super job