Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sooo many summer pics...

Ok so this post is just a bunch of pics in no particular order. First I purchased an ottoman at DI for $5. Figured it was cheap enough and small enough that I could give it a go...well it came and went. It was harder than I thought. Made several mistakes and may end up redoing it in another fabric but I learned...
I took it apart and used the old fabric for a pattern...just like all the blogs told me to do... Not so much :(
I used burlap which might have been my first mistake...scratchy and messy. Anyhoo, moving on
The fam all went to Lava Hot Springs for a weekend this summer. Callin and Blaine tried to fish on the river we were camped by.
Kasey doing a backflip off the platform...
Chase jumping...
Blaine caught dinner....delicious
This is my sister Tami. We made a trip to Virginia to see her daughter Jenni and to decorate her place....eating, decorating and laughing pretty much sums up our trip.
Dinner and movie all at the same time...Tami modeling for Dr. Pepper
Jenni's rock star mirror! Yes I'm taking credit for that find
Just a view of the living room in process
Trip to the Yankee Candle store...where is Afton's hand going?
Yummy dinner
so exhausted I couldn't even get them to smile
we took naps whenever we could...did I mention tons of shopping...tons

So this was pretty much my summer...and all in all it was pretty on to Round-up!!
Yee Haw