Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Decor

Tweaked a few things around the house this week in anticipation of fall...It's getting cooler here and I think the colors in my house make fall "look good"... So a few colorful changes here and there.Gourds in the living room cabinet... I also put some jute around the candles and other things here and there in an attempt to clone pottery barn. Coco made fun of me and then asked if I had any left over...
pumpkins in the dining room take a look in the corner there...who do you see? Yes its a Buddha head. I've actually been looking for a white Buddha head for some time now, and where did I find him? DI for $3....ha booyah
Entry table...pumpkins and fall jewels... I should mention that all the fall things you see were acquired at the Dollar Store... Even the ceramic pumpkins..
Glass pumpkins and a vintage painting in fall colors....I love these bird paintings, There is one for every season...LOVE!
And a cloche...I actually am going to use this piece for a light fixture I'm going to make but for now I love it on the table. Speaking of the table...this is the old end table I've used for years and I wanted to paint it a do a pattern on it. I was shooting for a harlequin pattern but ended up with lattice somehow...I am trying to see if I can live with it but I think I'm going to repaint it eventually...It's a bit much for me I think...

Anyway this is my ode to fall...I love the season now until Christmas...then I'm over it :(


Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

Ooooo!!! I love these ideas! Great post Jodi!

bedrooms first said...

Who goes that extra mile nowadays? Well Done! I am surely going to tweet this awesome post.