Sunday, September 5, 2010

Projects and pics...

Seems like all I do is post pics, but when a picture paints a thousand words... why not..(cleaver, no?)

So I just posted this one cause Coupe is so dang cute ! Nicest dog ever :)
I was working on the girls chairs and she likes to be in on the action as much as possible. You see Meagans fabric to your left bottom...
Sorry about the random order...I really try to figure out how to post the pics in order but I always miss it by one or two...anyhoo I just wanted to show how Meagans $5 yard sale chandelier turned out after a little paint. She hung it in her entryway.
I've been trying to change up my bedding lately and after changing out the duvet I decided it needed a pillow to finish it off. I made the orange pillow and even figured out how to do the rosette...I thought it turned out pretty good for me anyway..
I was looking for a new tv table for the upstairs and came across this turn of the century game table for $25 at a garage sale. It has a leather top and teeny tiny wheels on the legs! (that's my favorite part) I haven't decided whether to paint or leave it wood but I'll live with it for awhile to see...
Again this is in the wrong order...but this in the seat to coco's dining room chair...LOVE the fabric don't you?
I'm trying to get a whole flower on each seat as well as the backs and it's really eating up the fabric... (it wasn't cheap fabric :(
This is what her chair looked like before..and while I'm not done with them this is the teaser...are you teased?
Here is meagan painting her chairs...She has a black and white kitchen so her chairs are black with a white and black graphic fabric
Callin got in (roped) on the action as well...
out of order...I painted a side table I found on for $15...the wood were mismatched so it demanded a painting...I went with a light ice blue then aged it and glazed it the stenciled and I learned what to do and what no to do...!
the table before
One of my most recent projects was this chandelier I found at DI for $5...I've been looking for a light for a long time. I really wanted to buy one on overstock for $185 but my checking account said no, so I was very happy when I found this one!
A little white paint, some bulbs and I LOVE.... I will add crystals later and it will be perfect! for a savings of $175 anyways...
Future up coming project. These are panels from Ballards for $100 each panel...I think some linen and stencils and it can be theory...


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